Types of decks

After you’ve decided to build a deck, there are still lots of choices to be made. What purpose will the deck serve? Which building materials will best serve your needs? What style and layout do you prefer? This quick list of deck styles will help you decide.

Hardwood Deck

Hardwood decks are beautiful and long-lasting. They are also expensive, and weather-proofing them can prove to be a challenge. They must also be sanded and resurfaced every year or so.

If a hardwood deck is within your budget and you don’t mind the prep work and maintenance, then you could have a gorgeous deck that serves you well for years.

Vinyl Deck

Vinyl is much more weather-resistant than wood, but the price is comparable or even slightly higher. Cleaning is a snap, and the vinyl doesn’t require extra preparation to waterproof it. If you can afford the up-front cost, a vinyl deck will prove to be resilient, long-lasting, and easy to maintain.

Composite Deck

Composite decks have the look of wood, with the easy upkeep of vinyl. While you will definitely pay for this convenience, these decks outlast wood and stay attractive for many years without the need for sanding and resurfacing.

Hot Tub Deck

If your deck is going to house a hot tub, it will need to be built much sturdier than a normal deck. Look for deck plans specifically geared toward hot tubs. Choose strong building materials and hardware that can support a lot of weight; hot tubs can weigh over 3,500 pounds when filled with water and people.

Scenic Rooftop Deck

Rooftop decks are popular with folks who live in scenic areas. They afford you a view that most people would envy, but precautions must be taken when building a rooftop deck. Have an inspector examine your roof to make sure it can bear the weight of a deck. Also, there might be privacy concerns if your new deck overlooks neighboring yards.

Multi-Level Deck

Multi-level decks allow you to make the most of your deck space. You could have a sun deck on one level, a hot tub on another, and an eating space on a third. Each level is firmly supported and attached. Some multi-level decks feature multiple staircases, while others simply have an easy step-up between levels.

Outdoor Living Room

The ultimate in outdoor comfort, an outdoor living room deck is like an extension of your home. Pillars give it structure, while screens, curtains, or shutters give it shelter. Add a fire pit for warmth and ceiling fans for a cooling breeze. Comfortable furniture completes the welcoming effect.

As you can see, there are decks for every purpose. Choose the one that most appeals to you, and you’ll soon have a great space for outdoor living.