Which type of storage shed fits your needs?

Storage space is a “must have” in any home, and that usually applies to outdoors as well as in. If you’re searching for space to store anything from gardening tools to a lawn tractor or those overflowing boxes of Christmas decorations, an outdoor storage shed may be just what you need.

You can find a storage shed in a box that you put together yourself, purchase one that is made in a factory and delivered to your home or you can use your imagination while you figure out exactly what size space you need and design it yourself to meet your specific needs and wants. As in your home your storage shed can be whatever you want or need it to be.

Here are a few examples of the type of sheds that you can find:

Metal Shed

One of the most common solutions for backyard storage is the metal shed, available in kit form. There are a wide variety of sizes and styles to choose from, as well as many different colors, roof designs, door configurations, and price ranges. You’ll find metal shed kits in sizes ranging from 5 feet by 4 feet to 14 feet by 31 feet or even larger. While a metal shed is relatively easy to assemble, it does require a few basic hand tools and patience as the typical kit has a plastic bag full of screws and nuts.

Wooden Shed

For a step up in both quality and durability, you may want to consider a wooden shed. Wooden sheds usually come complete with a raised wooden floor, several feet of interior headroom, sturdier doors and roofs covered with residential-type composition shingles.

You can find wood sheds available in barn, ranch, lean to and loft styles. You can choose from everything from inexpensive wafer board panels for siding up to clear cedar lap siding. They are also available pre-painted, or you can get one that’s either unpainted or pre-primed so that you can paint it to match your home. Due to their weight, heavy duty wood sheds are usually built and sold locally. They also are usually delivered to your site at no charge. You have many options to choose from including windows, double doors, skylights, metal roofing, roll-up doors and special siding.

Depending on the size and installation method of the shed, a building permit may be required. Be sure to check with your local building department before purchasing a shed. Also, check with your homeowner’s association to make sure there are no restrictions on installing a shed in your neighborhood.

Vinyl Storage Shed

 If you are looking for a long-lasting, low-maintenance storage solution that’s easy to assemble you can buy a vinyl storage shed that is high quality and in a variety of sizes. With optional flooring you can get everything you need in one place to get your shed up and ready to go in the easiest way possible. Window, light and interior organization kits let you customize your shed to make it fit your needs as well as your outdoor decor.

Custom Built Shed

When you choose to have your shed custom built you are choosing a quality product that will last for years. You can figure out the size and space that you need and design it yourself or hire a professional, like RL Fencing & Decks, who will listen to what you need, suggest options and take the guess work out of your project. Having a professional like RL Fencing & Decks build your shed for you assures you that the job will be done correctly in the most cost efficient way possible, with your needs and wants a priority. With a custom build you get to choose every detail of how your shed will look, from the size, roofing, exterior look and interior space, and how it will best meet your needs.