Why Winter is the Best Time to Build a Deck


There are many aspects to consider when planning and installing a deck; choosing the best season to build may not only save you money but also allow you the opportunity to enjoy your new deck by summer.


Quality of Installation. The foundation of your structure will be constructed using pressure treated wood. Wood curing is important to understand in relation to the natural tendency of the wood to “give and take.” The curing that occurs over the winter months offers many important benefits.

Pressure treated wood has a 50% moisture content on the outset of the build. The winter has less humidity and thus the pressure treated wood will stabilize itself and dry more consistently and evenly when you build in the winter. On the other end of the spectrum, a summer deck construction exposes the pressure treated wood to higher humidity concentrations. In addition, when drying in the hot sun, pressure treated wood will undergo expansion and contraction which can cause cracking, warping and other damage to the wood itself. Due to the orientation of the sun during the winter months, the sun doesn’t beat down on your deck, and the pressure treated wood that holds the key to your project’s structural integrity will not undergo these negative effects.

Reduced cost of labor. During the cold winter months, the overall population is not thinking about firing up the grill or relaxing in an outdoor environment. Consequently, scheduling conflicts are reduced and there is a higher probability your deck will be completed within the initial timeframe. RL Fencing makes a commitment to devout a certain amount of time into the custom design of your deck; however, there is a certain amount of detail that is further capitalized in a deck that is intended to be installed in the off season. The cost of labor may also be reduced because there tends to be less employee turnover and elimination of labor bonuses during these months.

Reduced cost of materials. Retail and commercial providers of wholesale materials encourage winter work and will typically negotiate a deal with us, as contractors, particularly in the winter when the demand for decking materials is low. Additionally, the transportation of materials may have lower seasonal rates during the winter in order to compensate for the busier seasons, and the savings are passed on to you as the consumer.

Less interruption. A winter project also causes less lifestyle interruption because homeowners typically spend less time outdoors and pursuing outdoor activities that could potentially be impacted by backyard construction.

Stimulate the local economy. A homeowner who hires a contractor during the winter months serves his own interests and those of his community by having a deck built at the right time. The right time, in this case, is the winter season, when consumer demand is lower. By planning ahead of time to utilize the skills of a contractor during the off-season, the construction industry as a whole is able to provide better services at a better cost.

Considerations for Wintertime Deck Building

Wait to stain, but not too long. While winter may be the best time of year to build a deck, it is the worst time of year to apply deck stain, especially if you live in an area that receives a lot of rain or snow. When there is a lot of moisture in the wood the stain will not penetrate the wood properly. Therefore, the best time of year to stain a deck is when there is a period of continuously sunny days in the spring. This way, the water in the wood will have a chance to evaporate before you apply the stain. However, if you wait too long to apply a stain to your new deck, you may find the summer’s hot sun has already turned the wood gray.

Permits. Depending on where you live, you may need to acquire a permit for your deck building project. Some cities require a permit for any kind of exterior construction project, including decks. Some contractors will help you obtain the necessary permits, but some will require you to figure this out before beginning a project. Have all your bases covered and talk to your city managers and contractor before beginning a deck building project.

When it comes to deck building, the sooner, the better! Instead of having to stay indoors and and observe your deck build, you’ll be able to enjoy the luxuries of your new addition by the summer.

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Date Published: 8/8/16